Established in 1972

Dah Ken Industrial Co., Ltd. was
initially set up to produce car
and motorcycle parts. It wasn’t
until 1990 that the company
decided to focus on the
production of front suspension
forks for bicycles.

RST around the globe

Positioned in key strategic locations around the world,RST’s solid global operations network ensures that its products are well represented and serviced worldwide. Our global recognition has been achieved not only with successful research, production, marketing and after sales services offered by our subsidiaries,but also through cooperation with major component manufacturers around the world .Such strategic alliances have not only further improved the performance of all parties involved,but also provide an opportunity for the pooling of production technologies and for mutual advancement through the positioning of an international brand.

Company overview

ESTABLISHED: January 1972

MAIN BUSINESS AREAS: Design and manufacture of Suspension and disk brake systems for motorcycles and bicycles. Barbeque grill units.


RST Suspension Taiwan

No.9, Ln. 371, Huacheng Rd., Xinzhuang Dist.
New Taipei city, 24253

Risse Racing Technology, Inc

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